Choosing a Gift

personal narratives Aug 09, 2021

By Nathan Chiu

One day, I was choosing a present for my friend’s birthday party. While I was looking around the shop, there was a shiny golden colored toy. I went to see what it was. It was a spinning object that was called a Beyblade. It looked very cool. However, I did not know which Beyblade to get because there was another crazy looking Beyblade.


    As I sat down, I kept on thinking about which one I should get for him. I asked my mom which one I should get. She said to get the gold one, but I still waited another 30 minutes.  I called my other friend and asked which color he liked. 


    He said he also liked the golden one. I made my decision, and we bought the Beyblade. Now, I was nervous. Would my friend like it? We went to the birthday party. I was silent the whole time. Once we got to the party, we put the present on the table and had fun!


    Once we finished everything, from jumping in the trampoline park to eating the cake, he started opening the presents. My present was in the middle. He took it and opened it. He took the toy, set it up, and blasted it. The top rode along the table, spinning very fast. After it stopped spinning, he read the card and said that the toy was super cool.


    I was so happy that he liked it. I was so thankful that the toy was there. Otherwise, he might not be as happy. Afterwards, we went home.  For the rest of the day, I was very happy and I had a nice sleep.


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